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I'm Amaro

FullStack Developer

Based in Azores Islands / Lisbon / Sintra, PT

Hi! My name is Amaro Amaral. I am web / mobile developer, and I am very passionate and dedicated to my work.

With 30 years' experience as a professional IT technician and developer, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success.

In my free time I like freediving, kayaking and surfing.

My Skills

You Can Imagine
I Can Do It

In the last few years I have acquired several programming and managing client account skills. From developer to devops, client onboarding and Tech Lead. In order to surpass the needs that would confront us, we need to constantly keep up with the technology and continuous learning. I Never back down from a challenge!

Laravel, PHP86%
SQL / noSQL (mySql, msSql, mongoDB, firestore, etc)90%
JS Frameworks (Angular, React, Vue)70%
Server Linux / Win (aws, plesk, azure, etc)66%
Other Techs

Exposed and worked with different of technologies, some regular on daily basis, others in the past: Docker, Aws Services, Azure, C#, ASP.NET, Blazor, Postman, Ladder, Scala, Git

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My Resume

I enjoy every step of the developing process, from discussion and collaboration to concept, execution and implementation.

  • Experience

    • Infinity Platforms

      Tech Lead, Devops, Developer
      2019 - 2022

      After several years working for an in-house private project, Infinity Platforms was born. Software Architect, designer, development, Tech Lead, Full Stack Developer, DevOps, Client management, client onboarding, sales. The complete show.
      Mobile and WebApps.

    • Azoid

      2015 - 2022

      Founded a company for consultant IT and Software Development. Tech Lead, FullStack Developer, DevOps and Client management.
      Several in house or projects for other identities, under confidential contracts in various fields. From private to military clients, national and foreign. Some public clients (DruPoint, Vitec, Rook, Semente, US Military...)

    • Luso Cuanza

      Developer / IT Tech
      2012 - 2015

      Back to Luso Cuanza doing the same as before.

    • CTT

      2009 - 2012

      OutSourced to CTT for the digital marketing department.
      Website maintenance and macromedia flash programming for small games and contests!
      Several websites tweaks and updates. Technology Oracle and JSP, Tomcat.

    • Luso Cuanza

      Developer / IT Tech
      2005 - 2009

      Developer and IT Tech support for Linux and Win servers, laptops and desktops.
      Firewalls, internal mails, renderFarms, Proxies, etc. Supporting Autodesk Portugal representative all over the country, for civil engineering, architect offices, schools and universities. Custom solutions and designs from hardware, networks to software implementations.
      Custom websites and intranets or software. Workflows, internal emails servers and document controls, portfolios, websites, etc.

    • TAC Air Center

      Developer, Client Manager
      2002- 2005

      Air company for air cargo and private trips. Inhouse database management for airplanes parts, cargo and manifests. Handling VIP clients for several African countries.

    • Bishopric of Angra

      Developer / IT Tech support
      2000 - 2002

      Design and building inhouse massive project, with ASP, msSQL.
      Create a database and system to catalog and search valuable historic documents with special scanners. Digitized Archives. In house workflow documentation for all baptisms and weddings from all 9 islands of the Azores. System with hierarchy access and exchange of legal docs and internal processes, a special and unique document control.
      IT support and tech for the newsPaper of the bishopric. Networks, servers, printers, software, etc.

    • JSIM

      Developer / Designer
      1998 - 2000

      Several Websites and Graphical designs
      ASP and Microsoft Access and msSQL. Later on diving into the PHP language.

    • DTS

      IT Specialist
      1995 - 1998

      Networks, Hardware and Software, building mounting installing on permissions assistance.
      Nacional Banks, National Social Security, Air Companies, Insurance Companies.
      First contact with Mainframes, support and maintenance.
      Trimetra Mainframe course in Manchester, UK. Deep dive in big databases systems. Fell inwith big relational databases and software design.

    • TerBit LDA

      IT Specialist

      Half time work.
      Founded the 1st Azores BBS.
      Supporting clients with all IT and local networks needs.


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